About - Mauro Pellegrini
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The research of Mauro Pellegrini is an exploration of the universal themes of man, focused on the relationship between body and mind and the process of archiving and protection of memories. His artistic production ranging from installation to photography, valuing different natural materials like bread and terrain, as well as using different artificial materials and technology such as LED and biodegradable plastics.


He currently live and work in Italy and UK.



Born 1989 in Bergamo, Italy. Lives between UK and Italy.



2011, 1st Price “V Concorso artistico Svelare San Casciano dei Bagni ed il suo Territorio”, with the work “L’Avanzata Notturna” awarded by Renato Ranaldi, Aldo Iori, Bizhan Bassiri, Grazia Torelli, Franco Picchieri.



2015, Mauro Pellegrini & Barbara Pianca “The zero dimension (what we like best)” “Dimensione zero (quello che ci piace di più), Sant’Ambrogio della Vittoria Abbey, Milan.



2015, “In the beginning it gave us an impression of strangeness, but soon we began to feel.” Saatchi Gallery, London, UK.
2014, “Overview” IV edition of Rugabella Art Prize, Villa Rusconi of Castano Primo, Milan, Italy, curated by Fabio Carnaghi.
2014, X edition of the FoFu Phot’art, Fucecchio Museum, Corsini Palace, Italy, curated by Frank Dituri.
2014, “Prima Luce”, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy, curated by Anna Ferrari.
2014, “1×1”, Palazzo Panichi, Pietrasanta, Italy, curated by Ubaldo Dati.
2013, “Italian Photography Now, thirteen young contemporaries”, The Ed and Gwen Cole Art Center, Texas, USA, curated by David A. Lewis.
2012, Arezzo&Fotografia «LOVE», Oratorio di S. Lorentino e Pergentino, Arezzo, curated by Mauro Manetti and Lorenzo Giotti.
2012, Saint Petersburg Photo Vernissage 2012 «CITIES AND PEOPLE», Manege, Saint Petersburg, curated by Marina Jigarkhanyan.
2012, «Ombre», Ex Macelli, Prato, curated by La Stanza Segreta.
2011, «Melody and Passion of Mediterranean. Italy. Spain», Central Exhibition hall «Manege», Saint Petersburg, curated by Marina Jigarkhanyan.
2011, naturaLmente, studio di Virgilio Fidanza, Albino, curated by Virgilio Fidanza.
2011, Polaroid Android, Flat Club, Mestre, curated by Alice Boschin and Elena Manente.
2010, V Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Ferrara, Palazzo Racchetta, Ferrara, curated by Francesca Mariotti.
2010, “Amandolarte” Festival d’Arte Contemporanea, Amandola, curated by Anna Baldi.
2010, ABC Festival Apritiborgo, Campiglia Marittima (LI), curated by Lorenzo Giotti.
2009, Festival de Cine Independent de Barcelona, CCCB, Barcelona, curated by Cristina Riera.
2009, Desolata-Mente, Spazio Polaresco, Bergamo, Italy, curated by Erore.
2008, Desolata-Mente, Estro, Bergamo, Italy, curated by Erore.
2008, Wirral Internationl Film Festival, Liverpool.
2007, Desolata-Mente, Auditorium S. Sisto Colognola, Bergamo, Italy curated by Erore.



2014, “FoFu Phot’Art 2014”, catalogue of exhibition, by Comune di Fucecchio.
2013, “Italian Photography Now, thirteen young contemporaries”, catalogue of exhibition, by The Ed and Gwen Cole Art Center, Texas, USA.
2012, “The Lovers, The Dark Passenger”, catalogue of exhibition “LOVE” by Arezzo&Fotografia.
2012, “Insieme in un giorno d’autunno”, published on Doze Magazine.
2012, “Like a Sunday Afternoon”, published on Wonder, Londra.
2011, “Artenascosta”, Art Factory, Napoli.
2011, “Apritiborgo 2010”, catalogue of exhibition published by Laba.
2010, “Snap&Share”, Potpourri Mensile n°19 Novembre.
2010, “Scrivi una pola in 10 parole”, Nanowriters meet Polaroiders.